Warthog Workshop Washer 600

In smaller workshops or as a companion to existing washing solutions the 600 is brutally efficient. This is the model we trial into workshops so that you can gauge how well cold washers will work at your place. Most who trial a 600 keep them even when they upgrade to larger washers. They are an ideal companion to a hot wash; a final clean-up to remove caustic film from internal parts.


Warthog Workshop Washer 900

Each washer is defined by the width of the basket inside – at 900 mm this model will not only wash more equipment at once but it will hold larger components such as gear housings. The 900 basket design reduces mechanics skin exposure to solvents and detergents during hand-washing and completely eliminates caustic laden steam that occurs at end of every hot washer cycle.


Warthog Workshop Washer 1200

The 1200 mm basket is our largest production model and is built for high usage workshops with high volumes and heavy workloads. Truck, transport and bus companies are all advocates of this larger model.


Can’t see the right fit for your workshop?

If what you see is not what you want, then we will design and manufacture under your specifications exactly the beast you need. We have the capability and the passion to build larger or more versatile Warthogs.